A0 frame

I bought a A0 frame to better show off my A0 posters. And it arrived today. I am not completely happy with how the poster comes out; I expected it to be tighter / more flat, i don’t like the ripples in the paper.


Such a big difference between the wet paint and the dry paint. I like the wet paint here better. But am curious how it will dry up what the effect will be.


I thought I could just ignore the picture on the sheet of paper as I was planning on treating them just as a background or even carrier and the fact that I made the drawing on them was the important part, not the specific combination, not the picture itself but it...

Sharpie vs Acrylic

There is a remarkable difference between a Uni Posca Acrylic line and a Sharpie line and I realise I cannot just mix them. So I have to redo this drawing all in Sharpie. Shame, cause i really like the matte acrylic.

Dick Bruna draws a line

I went to the Dick Bruna Studio that is preserver in Centraal Museum Utrecht and saw this video, projected on Dick’s original drawing table, of him drawing Miffy. And it changed the way I draw and think about drawing. I discovered I thought drawing with feeling...

The Freedom Issue

I bought a magazine and had the spine cut off to use the magazine pages as drawing sheets, and only back at the office I saw on the spine this poem: The free bird thinks of another breeze and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees and the fat worms waiting on...