A series of monochrome works based on famous works of art, in search and awe of the aura, authenticity and spirit of art.

In the series Monochromasters I use a computer program to calculate the median color of famous works of art. Then I reproduce the works using the same size as the original works and the works are titled using the title and artist of the original.

I wanted to see if anything of a connection with the original remains. What is the essence of a work of art. When does a reproduction lose all connection to the original. The process reminds me of homeopathy: trying to dillute the originals to the extreme, so the result has a strong effect on its own. 

I have used this process on a great number of paintings on my Instagram, always respecting the relative size of the pieces to each other. I am always amazed at how different the impact is of different works, based only on color and scale.

Monochromasters instagram

For an exhibition in 2020 I created several physical pieces in this series: high quality glicé prints on A0 art paper, of the monochrome version of famous works of art at the same size as the originals. I really felt the ephemeral connection these pieces have with their original source art works.

Monochromasters Expo in Utrecht 2020

Works in this series:

Meet the Makers @The Hmm

Meet the Makers @The Hmm

In November 2023 I participated in the Digital Makers Program at The Hmm in Amsterdam. In December this resulted in a group exhibition ‘Meet the Makers’.