In 2023 I participated in the group exhibition MAAK RUIMTE in which four former artists in residence at the EP5 building designed by Rietveld presented their work.

The PE5 institute at Erasmuslaan 5 in Utrecht is housed in a building designed by Gerrit Rietveld. Artists, architects and designers can apply to be artist in residence in this building, to make work inspired by the building, other work and the life of Gerrit Rietveld. I was lucky enough to be one of the four artists that have filled that position so far.

The exhibition “MAAK RUIMTE” (MAKE SPACE), from 10 februari 2023 to 5 maart 2023, shows the work from these four artists in the gallery space at the floor level of the building.

The title (MAKE SPACE) points to the fact that the building was the space to make art in for these artists, and references what Rietveld saw as the mission of the architect: to ‘make space’.

All four artists were inspired by Rietveld to add space to their work, sometimes by making three-dimensional work, sometimes by making work directly referencing this specific building. The exhibitions shows the works mingled, which leads to unexpected connections and parallels and contrasts.

Participating Artists:  

Gerard van der Horst

Ernst van der Vecht

André Brocatus

Cor van der Meijden

Pictures of the exhibition:

This work belongs in: Black Square, Exhibition