André Brocatus (1970) studied image- and media technology at the Utrecht School of the Arts, where he graduated in 1996 with a series of interactive video installations. Since 2005 He has been working as an independent interaction designer and design consultant, and has been making art using digital media and computer code.

He uses existing images, often famous artworks or high fashion photography, which he transforms using digital technology. He uses computer programs to analyse of simplify or combine the images into new pictures. 

These pictures suggest new connections between seemingly unrelated artworks, images and ideas, and expose underlying structures and assumptions about their technical construction. These digital images are often presented in a material form which connects them to the physical reality, by using correspondences in scale and shifts in medium and color.

The seemingly simple and minimal images are often created and presented in series, building up ever more connections and new suggested meaning, looking to reveal a mystic truth about art and reality.

André Brocatus

Born in 1970 in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands
Lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands


1989-1994: Image- and Media Technology, HKU, Utrecht, the Netherlands
1995-1996: MA Image Synthesis and Computer animation, HKU, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Selected exhibitions:

2023, Meet the Makers, The Hmm (Group exhibition), Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2023, MAAK RUIMTE, Post Erasmuslaan (Group exhibition), Utrecht, the Netherlands
2020, Monochromasters, Post Erasmuslaan (Solo exhibition), Utrecht, the Netherlands
2010, An Exchange with Sol Lewitt, MASS MoCA (Group Exhibition), Massachussets, USA
1992, RAM:, Theater Zeebelt (Group exhibition), Den Haag, the Netherlands


André Brocatus features in various national and international private collections.

Contact details:

Pieterstraat 3
3512JT, Utrecht
the Netherlands