Monochromaster Blue Velvet

A Monochromaster video version of Blue Velvet by David Lynch

In thinking about the Monochromes series I am always thinking on how I can apply the concept and curiosity to all the art that I love. What, for example, would a monochrome movie look like?

I adapted my Processing program to read video and output the average of every frame back to a video file. The result is a video of monochromes, like watching a movie’s reflection on a wall, but much more intense.

For my first experiment I used the movie Blue Velvet by David Lynch (1986) as the source. I love this movie, I love David Lynch, as a filmmaker, artist, and personality. I also chose Blue Velvet because of the color in the title, but also because the film has a lot of high contrast scenes and some bright colors in it.

The result was more engaging than I thought it would be… I personally love the intense monochromes that seem to live, and the dramatic changes in color and light… 

Here are some sample scenes that I think work quite well:



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