RIOT graffiti poster

Inkjet print on 4 x A4 sticker, pasted in public to form a A2 sized poster

The 4 pieces / letters that make up RIOT are printed on 4 A4 sticker sheets and pasted in public.

RIOT in public

I was hoping the poster would be a subconscious activist poster, to put the thought of RIOT in people’s minds. To revolt against the status quo and the injustice and negative trends in this world.

RIOT in public

I liked the weird way that it did not seem to want to communicate a message. I would have liked a bit more impact than this size in the public space. I am thinking about going bigger.

RIOT the day after

Next day I went by again, and saw the pieces were blowing in the wind, semi detached. I removed them to prevent the pieces from ending up in nature.

This work belongs in: Black Square, Print