Black Square

A series of works based on the Black Square by Malevitch, and a lot of other things.

I love the painting Black Square by Malevitch. I love its simplicity, its directness, its definitiveness, its completeness. It contains the absolute in the most basic of forms.

Black Square by Malevitch

In exhibitions it occupied the place of honor: the top corner, where normally religious icons would be hung:

Suprematist exhibition

After his death Malevitch was laid out under the black square and buried with another black square displayed on his casket:

Malevitch laid out after his death
Malevitch laid out after his death

It is the simplest, most essential visualization of spiritual yearning and our ultimate and most tragic truth, that our lives are finite and we all will die and we know not what lies beyond.

Naturally I wanted to use it to make work.

Works in this series:

Black Square Posters

6 posters full color digital print on 160 g/m² uncoated premium high white A3 paper.

Apocalypse Now

A5 (148 x 210mm) booklet, 40 pages
100 gr paper HVO Digigold Icewhite, Black offset ink, edition of 22