Spectrum RGB Colors Arranged by Chance v3

RGB spectrum colors, based on TV test bar colors, arranged by chance. Inspired by Ellsworth Kelly.

Another iteration on Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance, after Ellsworth Kelly. What if I reduced the colors to the 8 basic RGB TV test screen colors, including white and black?

This seemed like a more minimal approach to the concept, even, than the original by Kelly. And both more modern, but also nostalgic. The spectrum colors remind me of the ZX Spectrum I owned as a kid.

Again; I made a 1000 versions, then selected the 10 I liked best: It was hard to pick 10… I constantly switched between seeing amazing patterns and low-fi illustrations in them and then seeing no difference at all from one to the next.

EK S3 3
EK S3 10
EK S3 14
EK S3 21
EK S3 28
EK S3 199
EK S3 242
EK S3 277
EK S3 339
EK S3 618

These are also available as NFTs on OpenSea.