Updated classics (H&MOOQ)

Acrylic ink on magazine cover, 21,5 x 27,75 cm

Drawing on a H&M catalogue cover, inspired by Marcel Duchamp. I was both so enthralled and fed-up by the ideal beauty and youth in the magazine and I acted it out on the cover. There is little so temporary as a fashion catalogue, but they advertise themselves as ‘classics’.

In this picture the sexuality is already present and being exploited, but safe and consumable. I added an element of gender bending, and some explicit raunchiness in the association with LHOOQ. I hope customers of H&M will find it at least a bit shocking.

(But as I see this again 10 years later I realize that this could actually be an advertisement for H&M as it is, and a rather conservative one at that.)

Updated Classics
Updated Classics

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