Monochromasters Expo 2020

In 2020 I exhibited 10 works from the Monochromaster series in the Erasmuslaan 5 art center in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

For this exhibition 10 works in the series Monochromasters were printed on A0 paper, at the exact size of the originals. 

Using the same size and the same average color as the originals , and the original title and artist as the title, these works work like the lowest possible resolution reproduction of the works… 

So low that it doesn’t even aspire to be some sort of facsimile, but that it is more like an echo or afterglow of the images. 

I was reminded of homeopathy: trying to dillute the originals to the extreme, resulting in a strong work of art on its own.

The prints were made on 230gsm Olmec photo matt archival paper, using 12-color ink giclée printing with Canon waterbased pigment ink. Each print is printed in an edition of 3, with 1 artist proof.

The poster I designed for the expo listed all the names of the original artists. The expo was in Erasmuslaan 5 Utrecht, which is a building designed by Gerrit Rietveld. The works were exhibited mixed with Rietveld furniture, which added a layer of meaning and relevance to the works.

Me selling the work to a visitor

Photos by Jen Brocatus

Read more about the expo on the venue website

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