A portrait of Luma Grothe, made in Photoshop from 3 existing photographs.

A portrait of Luma Grothe, made from 3 existing photographs.

Using photoshop using the technique first used on the Kylie portrait.

The series Luma (byte) was based on combining different photographs by using another photograph to determine the mask… A black and white picture was simplified into shades of grey and different pictures were inserted in the different shades of grey. This led to a collage-like look.

I started thinking about different techniques using the same principle. In Photoshop a layer mask is black and white. What would happen is I used a portrait picture as a layer mask to blend two other color pictures together? It was surprisingly hard to create an attractive or even convincing image.

This is the Photoshop made picture using a full grey scale portrait as a mask, next to the computer generated “banded” picture.

Luma 04
Luma (from byte)
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