Monochromaster NFTs

I started a pure digital series of Monochromasters that are available as NFTs

After I had made Monochromasters for Instagram for a year I was looking for other platforms and formats to create Monochromasters for. The Instagram posts and the posters were all based on a maximum size of A0. How could I incorporate much larger works as well?

I wanted to invent a format so I could make the Monochromasters digital only. I decided that 1mm of the original work was to be 1px of the digital monochromaster.

And I would sell them as NFTs, and create a NFT collection on OpenSea.

I started making digital versions of the physical and instagram pieces I had made:

001 Van Gogh / Sunflowers
003 Rembrandt / portait of the artist as a young man
011 Pablo Picasso / Melancholy Woman

But one of the reasons to go digital was that I could now involve much larger paintings and works too, larger than the A0 size that had up until now been my constraint:

023 Klimt / the Kiss
030 Pollock / Convergence

You can find all the digital Monochromasters as a collection on Opensea.

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